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The Dirt.Simple Express - Spring 2020

AGTEK Attends CONEXPO 2020

Conexpo picture

AGTEK was an exhibitor at this year's CONEXPO in Las Vegas. CONEXPO is North America’s largest construction trade show held every three years in Las Vegas. AGTEK showcased it's flagship product Gradework for earthwork takeoff, GPS modeling and drone processing. AGTEK also introduced new and upcoming products for paving and pipe, and enhancements to help close the loop between the field and office with AGTEK mobile apps, SmartPlan, SmartDirt and SmartTrack.

Mobile Apps Add Map/Satellite Backgrounds

Mobile phone satellite map view

AGTEK mobile apps, including SmartPlan, SmartDirt and SmartTrack have added an option for displaying your phones background maps or satellite view. Bring your data to life with 3D visualization and navigation, linking the real world with the digital world. Turn on the map or satellite view for simple navigation to and from the site. This option is available for AGTEK Site License users on both iPhone and Android mobile devices.

AGTEK Webinars

This year we have been hard at work creating new webinar material to show how to get the most out of your AGTEK software. Replay the topics we have covered this year which include: Improving Productivity with Mobile Apps, Tracking Site Progress from Drone Topos, Modeling with Speed and Efficiency, Materials First and Winning Highway Bids with AGTEK. And be on the lookout for more coming out in the near future.

Improving Productivitiy with Mobile Apps

Mobile apps webinar picture

Learn how to take data to the field, empowering decision making through powerful yet simple mobile apps running on your phone or tablet. Navigate your position on georeferenced plan sheets and bring data to life with 3D visualization. Validate and docunment site conditions. Calcualte dirt volumes anywhere on site. See equipment running directly on plan sheets or cut/fill maps. Remotely monitor load counts in real-time. Use simple tools to get work done faster and more efficiently.

Watch the video here.

Tracking Site Progress with Drones

Drone Mobile App webinar

Learn to fly drones the simple way using AGTEK. Process drone data for fast, repeatable results getting the most out of the drone data.

Watch the video here.

Modeling with Speed and Simplicity

Modeling Webinar

Learn how quick and easy it can be to build accurate grade control models for Leica, Trimble, and Topcon machine control systems using AGTEK software.

Watch the video here.

Materials First! - A Product Introduction

Materials Webinar<

Introducing AGTEK's integrated Materials package with demonstrations on how to streamline your earthwork-materials takeoff process by taking off materials first, before the dirt. Also leverage drone data for validating existing conditions, demolition and tracking materials production.

Watch the video here.

Winning Highway Bids with AGTEK

Highway webinar<

Learn how to create a winning bid for highway and infrastructure projects, accounting for earthwork and material quantities. Break projects into phase of construction, finding the most efficient way to move dirt and place all materials on site. Create compelling bid proposals to set your submission apart from the competition.

Watch the video here.

Materials Still First

Materials First Webinar

Recently released Materials is proving "Materials First" is the way to go. Enter the materials first and account for all cost items without entering data twice. Apply structural sections directly to earthwork to get to subgrade, calculating the true dirt volumes with ease. Create detailed reports sorted by materials, structure, class and phase and export data to a variety of formats. Create geo-referenced graphical reports that can be displayed on Google Earth or navigated on site on mobile devices.

Underground Coming Soon

Underground Utility takeoff

AGTEK will soon be releasing a new Gradework integrated Underground module that will takeoff pipe, laterals, structures and fittings with ease. Calculate bedding, cover, pipe displacement, spoil and backfill quantities. Break your job into phases of construction with specific classes for sewer, storm, water and other underground utilities. Calculate excavation volumes by depth brackets and add strata layers to ensure accurate bidding quantities. Utilize the power of drone imagery to validate pre-bid site conditions and measure production progress during construction. Synchronize the data to mobile apps putting actionable information in the foreman's hand.

AGTEK Addresses COVID-19

As the situation with coronavirus (COVID-19) continues, the entire AGTEK team is ready to support you. We realize that you routinely rely on us for your takeoff and modeling, and we will continue to provide reliable access to these essential services including:

Short-term network keys: AGTEK’s network key solution can enable takeoff and modeling in work or work-at-home environment to maximize effectiveness. We have temporarily made AGTEK keys available for short-term needs, with trade-ins for 3D hasp keys, and through financing.

Training: We made the difficult decision to cancel the hands-on training classes. Resources for these classes have been redirected to personal online-training and free webinars. You can sign up for online training, including Drone flight processing and basic takeoff, at You can also watch our vast library of training videos at

Uninterrupted support: Our support team is ready to assist by phone or email. We have dedicated additional resources to the support team. If you need assistance installing your programs on a remote computer, or reminders of passwords, our support team is available to help. We want to assure you that our services are available as you navigate these challenging times.

Get current versions

To download the latest desktop versions, AGTEK support subscribers can go to Support - Downloads and click the name of the program you wish to download. When the download is complete, click the filename to install. If Windows "protects" your PC, click "More Info", then "Run Anyway" and follow the install directions to complete the installation. (To check your program version, open the program and select Help > About "program name".

To update mobile apps for iOS devices, go to App Store and click Updates. For Android devices, go to Google Play and search AGTEK..

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