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Electronic Data

Take advantage of the growing movement towards release of electronic data prebid. Even just COGO and geo-referenced plansheets creates a faster understanding of the project.

Prebid Site Walks & Visualization

With just geo-referenced plan sheets Highway 4D quickly viewing the project in Google Earth is easy. And the pre-bid walkthrough over the actual plan sheets using SmartPlan completes the understanding and easily documents all those field issues that affect the bid

Project Analysis

MSE walls, select materials, phasing. All things that go beyond simple volumes and affect the bid. Highway 4D speeds up project analysis with easy to enter and edit phasing and volume breakout.

Analyze and Visualize Multiple Surfaces

Highway 4D not only breaks down volumes of multiple horizons it allows visualization of those surfaces. Simplify, quantify and present the complexity of today's road projects quickly for better bids, planning, and communication to all of the stakeholders. And the same software can also create models for your machine control.

The Earthwork 4D Suite

Highway 4D

Import DOT survey and design files or enter cross sections and alignments on-screen from TIF, PDF or CAD. Highway 4D creates a 3D representation of the job that can be readily partitioned into the construction phasing required for traffic control, and analyzed as an interactive mass diagram that identifies balance intervals, optimizes locations for borrow and spoil, calculates haul slopes and differentiates dozer, scraper and truck dirt.

Tightly integrated with Sitework 4D, Highway 4D models existing ground, proposed design and all intermediate surfaces, accounts for structural sections, strip, subsidence, removals and rock, and validates with graphical sections, profiles, cut-fill planviews, solid-model visualizations and dynamic drive-throughs.

Highway 4D documents with clear, convincing tabulations and geo-referenced graphical reports that can be emailed as Pdfs, displayed on Google Earth or navigated on-site using your iPhone or Android device. And Highway 4D exports GPS models in all commonly used formats.

Master Highway 4D in hours with expert, personalized, on-you-job training from AGTEK.


SmartDirt Mobile App

The Dirt Foreman's new friend
SmartDirt - Dirt Power Tools

SmartDirt extends what once happened only in the office, to the foreman's iPhone, Android or tablet on site. He can figure cut-fill quantities on the fly for whatever he is trying to get done! Then document with photos, notes and tracks he can easily share with whoever needs to know.

SmartDirt shows cut-fill and elevation wherever you're standing, based upon your takeoff, latest drone topo, or the GPS model guiding your machines. SmartDirt communicates grade and inspects models with 3D visualizations that move with you to give you, your foreman, project manager, equipment operators or client the closest thing to virtual reality without wearing funny glasses.

Okay to print fewer cut-fill maps! AGTEK's facility license puts SmartDirt capability into the hands of everyone who needs it-on or off the site.


Intensive Hands-on Takeoff Instruction

Hands-on Training Classes

Basic Earthwork Takeoff
Advanced Earthwork Takeoff
Materials, Underground & Highway Takeoff

Fall-Winter Training Classes
November7th, 8th, 9th
December5th, 6th, 7th
January9th, 10th, 11th
February6th, 7th, 8th